Boombox Cartel are Taking No Prisoners with 'Moon Love'

Boombox Cartel are back again with another room shaking trap banger. Their previous single “Whisper” took us by surprise with a unique blend of hard hitting synths and lush organic guitars.

But “Moon Love” acts as a dirty followup with a rap verse featuring Nessly and a slamming drop that’s exactly what you would expect from this dominating duo. This is the ID we’ve all heard countless times before in every bass artists’ set in the last few months.

Finally, it has surfaced and it’s a release you don’t want to miss. The energy in the drop truly creates a monster of a record. If anything, this is just another great showcase of Boombox’s diverse and evolving style. Records like this definitely deserve the upmost respect and praise and we highly recommend that you go check it out!