What So Not's Debut Album 'Not All the Beautiful Things'

Australian act What So Not has released his debut album ‘Not All the Beautiful Things’ and it is, no pun intended, absolutely beautiful. It’s filled to the brim with record after record of quality collaborations, vocal features, and dirty bass lines compassing the original, yet evolved What So Not sound.

Interestingly enough, he is one of the leading electronic acts out of Australia with remixes and hits like ‘High You Are’, ‘Tell Me’, and more but he has yet to release a full-length debut album. That’s what makes this album extra special.

While his 2017 release schedule was sparse, there were some single gems such as “Better” featuring LPX. But it’s clear that he was spending most of his time crafting this full-length, 12 track album exploring various styles and massive collaborations. In fact, the album featured collaborations with artists Skrillex, Slumberjack, San Holo, and American rock band Toto.

Check out his amazing work of art today!