Unreleased Wolfgang Gartner singles from Ultra

Unreleased Wolfgang Gartner singles from Ultra

We continue to trudge forward with new tracks from Ultra! Although one can never be 100% sure the track you’re listening to isn’t one you just happened to have missed, I’m still pretty sure that what we have here are new tracks from Wolfgang upcoming album. I’m further encouraged to say this since I recognized a few of them from his set in NY, but no where else. And seeing as he directly confirmed with me that he had dropped 7 tracks from his new album in NY, I have a high degree of confidence we have some new stuff here. Man, I cannot wait for that album, its going to ground-shaking, mark my words.

PS – Personally #3 is my favorite. Or #1. Or, ah, god I can’t choose, I love everything he does so much.

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