Thank You Biology

12 May 2011 dubstep

The next time you show someone Strobe and they look at you with a 'So?' look on their face you can possibly blame their biology, not their horrendous taste in music.

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Axwell New Strobe Remix

25 Apr 2011 dubstep

Shout out to this new remix of a song I usually would say should never be remixed, Deadmau5’s gorgeous 'Strobe'

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Featured Artist Interview MaRLo

20 Apr 2011 bass

Although he may be categorized as Trance by Beatport, the simple term seems too constraining to properly describe his artistic style. MaRLo brings some of sharper melodies of techno and overlays...

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Unreleased Wolfgang Gartner singles from Ultra

31 Mar 2011 dubstep

Although one can never be 100% sure the track you're listening to isn’t one you just happened to have missed, I'm still pretty sure that what we have here are new tracks from Wolfgang upcoming album.

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