Axwell New Strobe Remix

Shout out to this new remix of a song I usually would say should never be remixed, Deadmau5’s gorgeous 'Strobe'

This post started as a review on the Axwell concert, but it has evolved into half that, and half a desperate cry for someone to ID this new remix of a song I usually would say should never be remixed, Deadmau5’s gorgeous “Strobe.” Seriously, this is huge part of why going to live shows is so worth it. Not only is the atmosphere and party way beyond anything you can do at home, but the chance to hear unreleased and obscure tracks is key. And this time around, I think we got a gem…

My ears are still ringing as of the writing of this post, and its been almost 24 hours since Axwell left the stage at the Roseland Ballroom this weekend. I don’t know if its because I’ve gone to too many of these things lately and I’m getting hearing damage (I’m actually legitimately concerned about that, I might have to become one of those people with earplugs I’ve scoffed at in the past) or if its because Axwell probably has the clout to just tell them “to hell with your speakers, and their ears, I’m playing as loud as I want.” I’m kind of hoping it was the second one just for my health.

Anyways, with this latest concert, the Swedish House Mafia trifecta has been completed in a period of about 4 and half months. Steve Angello kicked off 2011 at the Roseland Ballroom NYE party, then Sebastian Ingrosso rocked Webster Hall about 2 months ago, and finally we have Axwell to close things off with a bang this weekend.

Axwell came out in full force, playing his classic remixes of “Teenage Crime” as well as “Sweet Disposition” – but also wielding some of the new Swedish fire. His own new single “Heart is King” was absolutely epic, and of course SHM’s new “Save the World” made an appearance as well.

The highlight for me though? A new mashup of Deadmau5’s Strobe by Axwell.

Personally, I kind of hero-worship that song. No matter how irritated I might be with the Mau5 recently, that song is a tribute to the human soul and in the past I’ve disdained attempts to edit it in any way. You don’t mess with perfection. However this one, is…I dare say… is very good… A clean capture of “Save the World” was kind of the point of this trip to NY, but it got released a day before, however this Strobe mashup definitely makes up for it.

Below are some of the highlighted videos from the night, but if you’d like to check them all out please go to our Youtube Channel. The only tune we are missing is “Heart Is King” – and that’s because the memory card ran out of space halfway through it due to not having deleted last week’s DayGlow videos. It’s a shame since that song was really epic, but oh well, we’ll include it as an MP3 then.


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