Rising Stars 1788-L and 4AM Collab on 'Multiverse'

1788-L & 4AM are absolutely killing it in the electronic scene right now.

1788-L is bass music’s biggest breakout star in 2018 and they still have a ton of wiggle room. He’s already dropped some great bass-heavy remixes of Virtual Self and Daft Punk.

This new collaboration with 4AM is another wonderful additional to his repertoire of bass music hits. This guy is also pumps out new tunes like there’s no tomorrow. Not even 2 weeks ago 1788-L had under 1,000 followers and only a few tracks. Now he has 5 tracks, 5,000 followers, and got reposted from huge artist like the chainsmokers! And all of his music is top-shelf kind of stuff. We’re talking Mr. Carmack 3 years ago type level of releases.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the future holds for this budding talent. Until then check out “Multiverse” and see what all the hype is about.