KIRUE takes the stage as a distinguished performer winning the hearts of electronic music lovers worldwide with captivating records and stunning live performances. The KIRUE experience is an orchestrated adventure where one can only expect a beautiful synthesis of an unlikely, genre-blending production filled with sounds that are as lush as they are distorted, as nostalgic as they are futuristic, and as determined as they are open-minded. KIRUE stops at nothing to deliver an interactive performance filled with impeccable sound design and dreamlike melodies that come to life as a true auditory, visual, and emotional experience.

LA Native and Icon Collective student Ian Wiedenman began producing music in 2016 as KIRUE and has since released many collaborations and singles including his remix of “Indestructible” by Not Your Dope released by Dim Mak Records in 2018. KIRUE’s latest project is his original EP, “Universe”, where we follow a rendezvous between dreamy melodies and heavy bass entwined together to create a twisted story of trans-dimensional emotion. This genre-defying trendsetter continues to bring his explosive performances and timeless records to fans worldwide.

In an interview with KIRUE on September 12, 2017 we learned some interesting things about him: He was born in Torrance November 2, 1994 and has lived in LA ever since. KIRUE began his production career in 2010 and originally performed in a band under the name Private World, however he left the group in 2012 to pursue a solo career in trap music production as well as film composition and sound design. He began playing music as early as 2005, he reports, when he mother taught him to play classical piano. He continued taking piano lessons from a professional instructor in 2007-2012 and played in his high-school and college pep bands.

He performed covers and original pieces at piano recitals as early as 2006 at school talent shows and events.

KIRUE attended college in Los Angeles where he would spend much time making music. Following college, he will be graduating from Icon Collective Music Production school in Fall of 2018.

KIRUE has experienced quite a large rise as an artist in the recent months. His dedication to his music over the past few years have landed him at huge opening slots & collaborations with notable artists such as Not Your Dope, KENSEN, MAX and more.

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